Prepare for your reading

Please know that you can ask ANYTHING!
You can ask why, what, when, where or how about any issue, decision or aspect of your inner or external life – past, present and/or future.

Remember, the more specific the question, the more specific the answer.

Please include the following with your inquiry:
1. Full name as well as any nickname and birth date.
However, if you are uncomfortable including your full name, your first name/nickname may be sufficient. Example: Katherine (Katie) Maria Goldman – September 6, 1968. Or, Katie 9-6-68.
2. The first names and birth dates of anyone you will be asking about.
3. Photos are helpful but not necessary.
4. Any details you want me to know regarding the subject in question.
Example: If you are asking about a move, you might want to let me know which city you live in and where you want to move to, as well as, any secondary choices for a move.

Please note that email readings take a bit longer than phone readings. I can talk a lot faster than I can type! If you like, you can email your questions and we can discuss the information I receive over the phone.

What You Can Expect From a Session

Overall, I believe I am here to be of service to you, helping you connect with your higher-self, your guides and angels, as well as the Creator (God, Goddess, Spirit, Universal Source – whatever term you feel comfortable with.) so you can see how to become wholly and fully expressive of your humanity, to fulfill your whole human potential.

What does that mean for your every day life?

1. There might be direction of how to develop your natural creative genius. You may receive ideas for new ways of thinking, creativity and innovative brainstorming about subjects or issues.
2. You may be shown how to build lasting and loving relationships. You may gain relationship building tools and learn how to have meaningful conversations with others, whether in a relationship, family or business.
3. You may receive mapped out information on how to maintain physical health and energy. If you are currently ill or have physical conditions, you could be given vital information that will help you not only return to physical health but also emotional balance.
4. You might obtain charted information regarding how to achieve success in business. Learn what is best for your highest good when making tough decisions about work and career.
5. Learn how you can become more enlightened in consciousness. Find out which personal growth process is best for you!

The answers are out there…and they are a lot less scary and much more joyful than you may realize!


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