Fees for Services are as follows:
$40 for 15 minutes/ $160 per hour/ $2.67 per minute, with a 15 minute minimum

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Psychic: I work closely with your guides and angels to help you understand your life plan and lessons.

  • Speak with deceased love ones and pets
  • Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Tarot

Medium: A Medium speaks with people who have crossed-over. She then reports any communication back to those loved ones who have asked to have contact with them.

Medical Intuitive: a Medical Intuitive receives messages about your body and the emotional issues that may need to be resolved to assist your body in recovering from stress or illness. She may also receive information on the nutritional needs of your body.

Past Life Regression

Gentle Healing:

Reiki Master/Teacher: Reiki (Ray key) is a gentle non-invasive, yet powerful form of energy work that is ideal for pre and post surgery, pain relief, stress reduction, clearing of energy blockages and general balancing of one’s energy field. It is administered by placing hands in particular positions on or just above the body.

Reflexology: There are reflexes in the hands and feet for the entire body through nerve ending connections. Stimulating points on the feet, which have 7,200 nerve endings, and hands properly balances the organs and systems in the entire body.


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