I grew up in the mid-west and moved to Florida in my 20’s where I spent most of my time in Corporate America. I took a couple of years off to do much study in metaphysics, spiritual growth, and attended Bhakti Academe for Intuitive Massage where I received my national certification. In 2002, at the request of my guides and angels, I moved to Sedona where I have been practicing the healing arts and massage, as well as, giving psychic readings and spiritual counseling.

How Did I know I was Psychic?

Different abilities have come into my life in different ways.

While growing up, there were many occurrences of clairsentience (that feeling of just ‘knowing’), clairvoyance (‘seeing’ as in visions with or without your eyes open) and clairaudience (‘hearing’ with or without your ears whether it be people, ‘beings’ or sounds that are not physically present). At about 8 years old I start scrying into a large mirror in my family’s bathroom. No one taught me how to do this and I didn’t even know the correct term until many years later. I would draw the shade, close the shutters, turn out the light and stare into the mirror. I would often see visions. They say that Sagittarians have the gift of prophecy and the things I saw from ages 8-10 would easily fit into that category. By age 10 I stopped because the visions I saw were not happy events in the world but more like catastrophes. But how does an 8 year old living in the mid-west in 1972 know how to do mirror divination? Maybe a habit in a past life? Later I learned that ancient mystic traditions did things such as this, as well as other ‘weird’ things I did as a girl. Though I rarely spoke of events to friends, the few things I did tell them usually ended with them uses words like ‘freak’. And these were my friends! Funny now, hurtful then. So at age 15 I announced to the universe that I wanted all psychic events to stop – I felt at odds with the world and was simply caving in to peer pressure. I just simply wanted to ‘belong’. Don’t we all at 15? The universe acquiesced to my request. It wasn’t until I was 29 that I asked for it to come back. It did, but many abilities I had been born with and made go away, now had to be learned as a skill. Please know that there is nothing I can do that you can’t learn too. It is within all of us and sometimes just takes some nurturing to blossom.

In 2001 my ability to see and speak with animals started after spending a weekend at Diane Stein’s house where she told me to ask one of her gorgeous dogs what name she (the dog) had given me. I laughed and looked at Diane quizzically. She repeated the request. So I looked at this beautiful dog and mentally asked her my name. Well, you could have blown me over with a feather – I immediately ‘heard’ her say ‘She Who Feeds’. Along with hearing this, I also felt her attitude – she felt she was very witty and was most pleased with herself because, she told me, my name had a double meaning. She told me that she knew that I was here to ‘feed’ others by helping them learn how to heal themselves, as well as, commenting on the fact that I had been feeding her and the other dogs from the table all weekend. Very humorous, very clever dog! The very next day at massage school, I was doing ‘energy work’ on a fellow student, whom I will call Nancy, when I opened my eyes for just a moment and saw a little Yorkshire Terrier walk out from under the massage table she was on. We had an exchange that lasted for less then 5 seconds and she walked back under the table. I then realized 2 things: there was no physical dog in the room and this ‘ghost’ dog had been the pet of Nancy. She told me she was always with Nancy and was, to some degree, her protector. She told me why Nancy needed protecting and from whom. When the session was over, I told the Nancy what I experienced. I could see she was emotionally moved and she told me that although she had 8 dogs, when this one died, she cried for 3 days straight and that she misses her every day. I asked her to try to take comfort in the fact that her companion said she will always be with her. From that day forward, I have been able to communicate with animals both here and in the spirit world.

My ability to speak with people who have crossed-over (died) happened in a much more subtle way. Once I moved to Sedona, I noticed that all my psychic frequencies seemed to be elevated to a level I had not yet experienced. I would occasionally notice that when in readings, people (but discarnate) my clients used to know would sometimes show up. There was a period of time when I could not make myself see these people, consistently, on demand. I could not control it except to ignore it (more like not trust it was actually happening) or address it. The more I addressed it, the more clients would show up with crossed-over loved ones in tow. After about 8-10 months of this happening at least once a week, I realized I could now do it whenever I was asked and began offering it as one of my services.

I must say, seeing people’s spirit guides and angels happened at the same time and in the same way as meeting clients’ departed loved ones. I must have opened up to these things at the same time. I am afraid I can’t explain in concrete details or teach you how to do it via the website. Sometimes during a reading, guides will give specific details on how a client can begin to consciously hear them, but not always. There are good books and CDs out there to help you get started contacting your guides and angels. If you are in a book store and don’t which to choose, ask your guides to direct you then trust what you hear.

I am a Reiki Master and have had 7 teachers, among them Diane Stein, whose work I recommend highly, including her book, Essential Reiki, from Crossing Press. From the moment I received my 3rd degree, I saw inside bodies. To be honest, it was no pleasure to see such things as gray matter, veins, blood, organs etc. especially when they were not healthy! Blah! (I think at the time I was the most squeamish person on the planet.) So I asked my guides and angels, which now included Reiki Guides, if they could show me a more palatable way to see ailments. I was immediately shown imbalances in bodies via the chakra system, which also explained why these ailments occurred in the first place. Now I feel I can be more assistive, as most people already know their symptoms/dis-eases but don’t know why these things have happened to them.


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